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    The Rise of Coinsurance: Three Ways to Increase Primary Care Point of Service Collections

    With the rising use of high deductible health plans, patients are increasingly paying coinsurance or a percentage of total charges for a doctor visit, instead of flat copay. What does this shift mean for primary care providers? For one, the front office will need get more creative in effectively collecting patient payments. Here we explore three ways to increase point of service collections that have proven successful in primary care offices.

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    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare

    Preparing Yourself to Weather MACRA

    Between growing up in Florida and living on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, over the past ten years I have experienced my fair share of thunderstorms and hurricanes. Although both are violent storms, the process to prepare for each varies drastically. For an example, during a thunderstorm, I know I need to just gather my umbrella and raincoat. Whereas, when the hurricane is bearing down, I know I need my generator, extra food and water, and plenty of sandbags at the ready. It’s a significantly different experience. 

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    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare

    Client Services Diary: Behind the Curtain at the Kennedy Space Center's EOC

    Topics: Emergency Management

    Four Ways for Hospital Administrators to Mitigate the High Cost of an Integrated Physician Network

    Topics: Hospital Management, Healthcare

    Is Your College Prepared? Three Reasons Why Your Institution Should Use a Web-Based System to Respond to Emergencies

    Topics: Emergency Management, Education

    The Certainties in Life: Death, Taxes and EMR Conversions

    Topics: Emergency Medicine, Healthcare

    Three Best Practices in Managing Family Reunification in the Aftermath of an Aircraft Incident

    Topics: Emergency Management, Transportation

    Social Media for Doctors: Four Tips to Increase Your Online Presence

    Topics: Ambulatory Care, Healthcare

    Taking a Closer Look at Advanced Alternative Payment Models

    Topics: Emergency Medicine, Healthcare

    Four Characteristics of Strategic Leaders

    Topics: Leadership