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[Infographic] Why Independent Physicians Should Consider Super Groups as a Practice Model

by Kayla Moore on January 30, 2017 at 12:40 PM


It’s no secret that independent physicians face difficult challenges daily in today’s healthcare environment. They want to maintain the benefits of independence, such as financial stability and negotiation power, but recent policy and industry changes, including the move to value-based care, are making it increasingly difficult.

The challenges independent physicians currently face have caused them to reflect on their professional and personal priorities, considering alternative practice models to seek out a solution that works best for them. Many go the route of selling their practice in favor of hospital employment.

However, according to the Health Care Transformation Task Force, five out of the top six reasons doctors dislike hospital employment have to do with loss of practice control. With this top of mind, forming a professional partnership is a path that gives providers the best of both worlds: a gained group negotiation power and operational support without compromising ownership or management autonomy.

Out of the three most common paths to take when forming a professional partnership, a super group, also known as a management service organization, offers independent physicians comprehensive practice management services and collective bargaining with commercial payers and vendors under a single tax ID. While forming a super group provides practice management support and collective bargaining, it also gives physicians centralized services and tools that support value-based care.

Are you looking for an alternative practice model? Explore this infographic to find your path into maintaining independence and achieving success.

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