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Social Media for Doctors: 10 Twitter Accounts Every Physician Should Follow

by Lauren Portice on August 22, 2017 at 4:32 PM


As the digital age continues to expand, more and more people are reaching out to various social media sites for relevant and pertinent information. Whether it be the latest update in political news or just highlights from the last episode of Game of Thrones, Twitter has become an online epicenter for individuals with common interests to engage in conversations and share content.

How can this real-time news concept be applied to the ever-changing healthcare world? Amidst continuous legislative healthcare updates and fluctuating relevancy of topics in this online-focused generation, keeping up with changes has proven to be incredibly challenging. Although it may not be the end-all solution, Twitter offers physicians a unique online community that presents the most relevant industry-specific information while simultaneously providing users with a growing network of colleagues and peers.

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So, why Twitter? The mega-successful social media platform currently boasts 328 million active users and, on average, shares over 200 billion tweets every year. 20.5 percent (one-fifth) of Internet users in the U.S. have an active Twitter account and follow five or more businesses. In the past year, Twitter gained 50 million new followers, making it a top social media outlet for Internet users.

Whether you are looking to gain practical insight within the industry or just draw inspiration to expand your own online social media footprint, these are the top Twitter 10 accounts every physician should consider following:

  1. Kevin Pho, MD - @kevinmd

Named social media’s leading physician voice, Dr. Kevin Pho is a practicing, board-certified internal medicine physician, a national media commentator, co-author and a keynote speaker. He currently has over 155k followers on Twitter and regularly posts content that features guest physician authors from around the world.

  1. Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services - @CMSGov

If at any point you have struggled to stay informed with the constant industry and legislative changes, look no further than the CMS twitter page. Through promoting webinars and other online learning materials, CMS is giving physicians an opportunity to stay well-informed during these regulations, changes and updates.

  1. Sanjay Gupta - @drsanjaygupta

Acting both as an American neurosurgeon and as CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta relates his passion for neuroscience with a cultural twist. He writes very thought-provoking pieces about the brain and cognitive sciences, which often create healthy online conversations between both patients and doctors alike.

  1. Linda Girgis, MD - @DrLindaMD

The New Jersey-based primary care physician and author offers her followers a closer look at how healthcare in the United States operates. Her witty commentary and often honest approach to her work as a physician may be one of the reasons her blog ranked as one of HealthTech’s Must-Read Health IT blog list.

  1. American Association for Physician Leadership - @PhysiciansLead

Physicians who are looking to expand their medical roles by becoming better leaders within both their organizations and/or the industry should consider following this Twitter account. With the goal of fostering lifelong learning, growth and support of physician leaders, PhysiciansLead promotes various complimentary online learning materials to better enhance leadership skills.

  1. Eric Topol, MD - @EricTopol

This Cardiologist, Geneticist and Digital Medicine researcher is best known for his ability to seek the future of healthcare and offer his insights on how things can be best improved. He is an advocate for innovation within the industry and has recently begin to discuss the benefits of using data science and artificial intelligence for healthcare purposes.

  1. Joseph Kim, MD - @DrJosephKim

Although a large portion of Dr. Joseph Kim’s content is related back to digital health, his account also serves a wide range of relevant medical education. He provides his followers with healthy proportions of industry updates, education and, of course, opinions.

  1. American Medical Association - @AmerMedicalAssn

This premier national organization aims to be a support system for medical students, residents and physicians alike. Their account showcases a variety of blog posts that helps gives best practices on how to be at their very best – both on and off the clock.

  1. Bob Wachter, MD - @Bob_Wachter

Named ‘most influential physician-executive’ in the United States by Modern Healthcare, Dr. Bob Wachter sticks to his brand by being a prominent leader in the healthcare industry. He self-describes his work as “what happens when a political science major becomes an academic physician,” and that certainly is how we’d describe him.

  1. ZDoggMD - @ZDoggMD

To conclude, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this healthcare cultural phenomenon. ZDoggMD rose to fame through his various YouTube videos where he takes a comical spin on all things healthcare. Although his main platforms are YouTube and Facebook, he still posts on Twitter quite often, giving fellow physicians a fresh breath of comic air.

What are your favorite healthcare accounts to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comment section below!

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