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Top Five Healthcare Blogs Every Physician Should Read

by Lauren Portice on July 16, 2018 at 3:00 PM


It is no secret that physicians and healthcare professionals are constantly bombarded by new healthcare updates or legislative changes that could greatly impact their profession. However, finding out about these trending topics from a reputable source is not always an easy task, especially given their already busy schedules.

In our current digital age, anyone with a keyboard and an opinion can create viral digital content regarding any specialty with a click of a mouse. With this instantaneous ability to produce news, a simple Google search for a particular topic can return thousands of results.

To ease this strenuous process, we narrowed down our top five websites and blogs that all physicians should consider reading to gather more information on topics from across the healthcare spectrum:

  1. HealthBlawg


Given the ever-changing healthcare industry, it is nearly impossible for physicians and medical professionals alike to remain aware of all legislative changes and updates. HealthBlawg, a blog written and owned by David Harlow, focuses on healthcare policy, data privacy and digital health law as it impacts the overall industry. Harlow also interviews leading healthcare professionals and provides the audio recording in a podcast format for his listeners and readers.

  1. WebMD Doctors


This well-known website offers esteemed physicians and medical professionals to pen their thoughts on various healthcare hot topics and wellness tips. Although some of their wellness tips seem aimed toward the general public, it is universally helpful to all individuals, including physicians and medical personnel within the workplace.

  1. Physician on Fire


Physician on Fire is arguably one of the most unique physician-centric websites, offering tailored information regarding financial independence, early retirement and, of course, medicine. Started by an anonymous physician who retired early at the age of 41, Physician on Fire is an honest approach to the perks and downfalls of retirement and how to best focus on financial freedom while not actively employed.

  1. Kaiser Health News


This digital news outlet focuses on trending healthcare topics and offers industry professionals a fresh take on issues circulating throughout the healthcare spectrum. Kaiser Health News has also taken a progressive digital approach by offering their subscribers audio podcasts as a method of taking in news. These podcasts typically consists of various panelists’ favorite health stories of the week.

  1. KevinMd


Named social media’s leading physician voice, Dr. Kevin Pho is a practicing, board-certified internal medicine physician, national media commentator, co-author and keynote speaker. On his blog, Dr. Pho and his various guest commentators break down the convoluted topics surrounding the industry and offer a fresh and professional insight into the healthcare realm. He also made our top 10 list of physician accounts to follow on Twitter!

In addition to the above list, you should also subscribe to the Intermedix blog to stay up-to-date with all new healthcare topics and conversations.

What is your favorite physician blog to read? Let us know in the comment section below!

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This post was written by Lauren Portice

Lauren Portice is a communications specialist for Intermedix. Prior to joining Intermedix, Lauren served as a marketing intern for HMS Holdings and a social media intern at Verisk Health. Lauren is a proud graduate of the University of Mississippi where she obtained her bachelor's degree in integrated marketing communications with a minor in business administration and emphasis in public relations and media sales. Lauren is currently obtaining her master's degree from the University of Southern California. She has over seven years of experience of working in the healthcare industry.

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