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FEMA Selects ESi to Deliver a New Crisis Management System

WebEOC will provide a common operating picture with comprehensive situational awareness for FEMA and its federal, state and local partners.

Jun. 10, 2011
WASHINGTON D.C. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency has selected ESi, the global leader in crisis information management technology and solutions, to deliver and implement a new Crisis Management System (CMS) for the agency. 

The WebEOC-based CMS will support emergency management processes and functions, and provide a common operating picture with comprehensive situational awareness for FEMA and its federal, state, local, and tribal strategic partners. The WebEOC CMS will feature mission-tasking, event reporting, resource tracking and situation analysis in real-time during daily operations, exercises, national responses and other operations. 

Introduced in 1998, WebEOC is an Internet-enabled, user-friendly and locally-configurable incident and event management system. With access to the Internet, authorized emergency managers and first responders, regardless of location, can enter and view incident information in WebEOC status boards. 

“We are very happy that the FEMA Office of Response and Recovery Directorate has joined the ranks of the over 700 emergency management agencies around the world that use WebEOC to manage everything from day-to-day operations to major incidents,” said John J. O’Dell, Chief Technical Officer, ESi. 

“The FEMA system will also feature ESiWebFUSION which provides a highly secure, collaborative interface, enabling FEMA to directly share information with other agencies using WebEOC, which to date includes 40 state emergency management agencies and 20 other federal departments and agencies,” Mr. O’Dell added. 

The FEMA ORR WebEOC project has already begun in earnest and is scheduled to include multiple implementation phases that will culminate with integration with other FEMA systems.


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