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Intermedix Announces New Provider Compensation Offering for Emergency Physicians

The Newly Announced Module Uses Data Analytics to Streamline Payroll Management

Oct. 13, 2016

The provider compensation module is designed to support physician group leaders with productivity-based compensation planning and payroll management for their groups.

The new tool offers built-in analytics algorithms developed throughout partnerships with more than 60 emergency physician groups to streamline the planning, management and analysis of various productivity-based compensation structures.

“Emergency medicine is unlike any other specialty,” said Intermedix CEO Joel Portice. “Its many nuances make provider compensation planning a highly complicated process. Our goal with the new module is to take these challenges off physicians’ plates so they can focus on more important tasks like patient care.”

The module is the latest addition to the Intermedix provider analytics platform used to provide detailed insights into the performance of physicians across clinical, operational, financial, quality and patient satisfaction metrics.

“It’s a significant undertaking for group owners and hospital administrators to align physician behavior with key performance initiatives,” said Kyle Wailes, Intermedix executive vice president of provider services. “The compensation module automates productivity payroll calculation and management and provides detailed pay stubs that are autonomously adjusted each month to reflect the unique compensation parameters of each physician.”

The compensation module allows group leaders to visualize how different scenarios, such as adjustments to night provider incentives or compensation pools, will impact every individual in the group.

Suggestions for scheduling adjustments to minimize redundancies in group staffing and compensation are also made possible through the module’s built-in predictive and prescriptive analytics rules engine.

Additional functionality can be used to graphically analyze multiple levels of group compensation based on narrowed group parameters down to the individual provider level.

Demonstrations of the provider compensation module will be available at the Intermedix booth during the 2016 ACEP Scientific Assembly from October 16-18 in Las Vegas.


About Intermedix

Intermedix is a global leader pioneering innovations in technology and analytics to deliver best-in-class revenue cycle management and practice management solutions. The company enables more than 15,000 health care providers to focus on delivering excellence in patient care. In May 2018, Intermedix was officially acquired by the publicly-held company R1 RCM Inc. (NASDAQ: RCM), a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management services which transform a health system’s revenue cycle performance across settings of care.  

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