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The Canadian Coast Guard Sets Out to Address its Incident Management Needs by Deploying WebEOC

Coast Guard leads the way by implementing the ICS methodology at the federal level in Canada

Nov. 02, 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn. and OTTAWA, Ontario – The Canadian Coast Guard selected the Intermedix crisis information management system, WebEOC, to manage the organization’s daily and emergency operations.

The Canadian Coast Guard, or CCG, set out to fulfill the national Canadian requirement for a robust capability to respond to maritime incidents.

The complexity of modern-day incident management, coupled with the growing need for multi-agency and inter-jurisdictional involvement, highlighted the operational requirement for a standard incident management methodology employable in all incident response disciplines.

To this end, CCG introduced the Incident Command System, or ICS, as the methodology to be used in response to all-hazard incidents. CCG acquired WebEOC to support the technology aspects of its ICS implementation effort.

“The CCG manages multiple incidents each day from coast to coast,” said the Canadian Coast Guard Commissioner Jody Thomas. “We are proud to be early adopters of ICS at the federal level. It has emerged as the best structure to respond to any incident regardless of size, location or complexity. From there, the choice of WebEOC was clear as it provides the common platform and the interoperability needed to coordinate multi-agency activities in Canada.”

CCG’s partnership with Intermedix enables it to provide its constituents with a comprehensive software solution for environmental response and incident management.

“We are thrilled to have the Canadian Coast Guard join the community of emergency services organizations that use WebEOC,” said Intermedix CEO Joel Portice. “In today’s world, there is no denying the need for organizations to be prepared to respond to a multitude of incidents. By deploying WebEOC, the Canadian Coast Guard has added a powerful tool to its emergency response arsenal.”

Since the selection of WebEOC, the CCG Special Operating Agency has worked with Intermedix emergency management experts to implement it to fit the organization’s specific needs.

About the Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is responsible for the safety and security of Canada’s waterways. Designated as a Special Operating Agency, the CCG has a mandate to protect individuals navigating on Canadian waters, protect the environment from marine spills and support economic growth as Canada’s on-water economic enabler.


About Intermedix

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