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The Operations Analytics team at Intermedix specializes in building sophisticated mathematical models that predict the most likely events for your organization in the future. The latest predictions from the simulation can be accessed at any time for immediate operational support.

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What We Can Predict


Incident Quantity

Incident quantities typically increase annually and have strong seasonal trends. The simulation can highlight an organization's unique patterns in incident distribution.


Incident Location

Incident locations vary by time of day and day of the week. A simulation can help pinpoint what crews are seeing to support operational decisions.


Incident Type

Incident types tend to vary similarly to incident locations, and can also have a seasonal or event-driven component. A simulation can help drive informed decisions on inventory and staffing.


Crew Positioning

Vehicles are dispatched based on the skill set of the crew and distance to the scene. A simulation can provide an intelligent method for decision-making that takes into account incident type, surrounding facilities and your organization's past response times.

Staff Availability

Staff scheduling is inherently complex and varies by time of day, day of week and the geographical location where a crew begins a shift. Simulations take the guess work out of scheduling.

Vehicle Transit Time

The time taken to drive on the road network is highly variable based on traffic congestion, road network features, construction and other seasonal factors. Your operational policies on a vehicle's emergency mode also factor into the equation.

Our Predictive Models Support


Strategic Planning




Performance Evaluation

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Intermedix delivers technology-enabled professional services to health care providers, government agencies and business enterprises. We support approximately 15,000 health care providers with practice and revenue cycle management services and connect the world's population with crisis management and emergency preparedness and response technologies.

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