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Foundations in Analytics

The Optima solutions grew from the field of Operations Research, which uses analysis, modeling and advanced algorithms to solve complex business challenges. Today, we still employ the top industry experts in this field to drive innovative technology solutions that capture real-life behaviors and support high-quality decisions.

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Optima Predict

Optima Predict enables concise and accurate analysis, modeling and simulation for an endless range of “what if?” emergency scenarios. Our highly accurate strategic planning solution offers powerful tools to guide planning, balance efficiency and effectiveness, and help answer complex cost containment and resource acquisition questions.

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Make Evidence-Based Decisions

Optima Predict provides a platform for effective planning and simulation of resource requirements.

Model Multiple Scenarios

Optima Predict enables users to build scenarios that make logistical and business sense.

Improve Agency Performance

Optima Predict allows you to save time, effort and resources when changing agency operations.

Optima Live

Optima Live offers a dynamic, real-time view of emergency resources to support dispatch in making critical decisions. In conjunction with the CAD System, Optima Live keeps dispatchers abreast of resource statuses, locations and availability with impressive visual and statistical information available at a glance. Intricate day of the week and time of day sensitivities can be incorporated through business rules, while compliance codes and the Look Ahead feature provide invaluable insight.

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Improve Performance

Optima Live provides the communications center with deployment recommendations for the best coverage.

Increase Efficiency

Optima Live allows you to minimize unnecessary moves that are taxing on crews and wastes fuel.

Enhance Operations

Optima Live monitors the status of resources and continually enhances it to find the best outcomes.

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Intermedix delivers technology-enabled professional services to health care providers, government agencies and business enterprises. We support approximately 15,000 health care providers with practice and revenue cycle management services and connect the world's population with crisis management and emergency preparedness and response technologies.

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