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Condition Awareness for Sepsis

What if your hospital knew with 98% accuracy whether a patient arrived with or would acquire sepsis within your facility? Intermedix Condition Awareness is a site-specific decision support technology that accelerates sepsis intervention by continuously learning from the dynamic nature of your facility and practitioners. Our approach combines data gathered at arrival with historical hospital and external data – delivering a timely text message that identifies at-risk patients while they are still in the ED.

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Identify Sepsis at Patient Arrival

Clinical data is necessary to diagnose sepsis. Patient vital signs, laboratory results, and even imaging findings help to finalize a sepsis diagnosis. However, clinical measures take valuable treatment time to gather. The Intermedix Condition Awareness for Sepsis spotlights patients at-risk for sepsis so clinicians can react more quickly. The solution notifies healthcare providers that they should suspect sepsis in just-admitted patients, allowing providers to start determining the best care without having to wait for time-consuming tests to take place.


Prioritize At-Risk Patient

The Condition Awareness for Sepsis combines population health data with the hospital's ADT feed to assess each patient's risk. The ED clinical staff is then notified via a HIPAA-compliant text messaging system whether to suspect sepsis within 15 minutes from admission. Armed with that information, nurses and physicians can manage patients with a high risk for sepsis with heightened awareness and initiate the treatment path.

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Reduce Sepsis Operational Costs

The cost of the sepsis epidemic is $24 billion annually and growing—with each case costing health systems between $32,000 and $88,000. Additionally, sepsis patients stay in the hospital 75 percent longer than other patients – impacting the ability for hospitals to move patients out of the emergency department and into hospital beds. By deploying Condition Awareness for Sepsis, hospitals can reduce costs associated with more intense sepsis therapies and treatments. Our clients have been able to reduce costs to as low as $3,000 per case.


Improve Patient Outcomes

Sepsis survival rates depend primarily on early detection and treatment–every hour of treatment delay increases mortality by 7.6 percent. By assessing the patient risk at the point of admission, the Intermedix Condition Awareness for Sepsis improves patient outcomes by providing clinicians with more treatment time–ultimately leading to significantly decreased sepsis-related mortality.

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