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TripTix ePCR

The Intermedix ePCR, TripTix is a NEMSIS 3 Compliant data-collection tool for individual EMS, fire and first responder agencies. With TripTix, ambulance crews can quickly and securely complete patient incident reports that are then automatically integrated with our powerful billing system for quick revenue return.

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Patient History Import

TripTix offers a Patient Lookup feature that allows for the auto population of patient demographic and medical history fields using the patient’s social security number, full name, or driver license number. This feature pulls information from previous run records and makes the completion of ePCRs significantly quicker, more efficient, and highly accurate.


Patient Data Entry

In addition to entering data using a keyboard, TripTix gives users the option of using a stylus for simplified data entry. The easy-to-use stylus functions as a pen that can be used directly on the device screen to enter text in applicable fields, including those requiring the selection of entries. TripTix recognizes both print and cursive handwriting, quickly converting stylus entries into text.

Protocol-based Charting

Recording protocol requirements take a considerable amount of time and effort. To accelerate the documentation process, the protocol-based charting feature provides a pre-populated checklist of orders that need to be performed when an incident is started in TripTix. Users can work through each protocol action item, and easily note whether or not the action was completed and modify protocol defaults if a unique situation arises. 

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Application Integrations

TripTix is an ePCR solution that fully integrates with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and several monitoring devices, including Physio LIFEPAK®, Zoll®, and Philips® MRx heart monitors. This integration enables the import of pivotal patient information, such as heart rhythms or vitals signs, and retrieval of detailed incident information.

Quality Assurance

TripTix offers several quality assurance and improvement tools to help agencies maintain complete and compliant records. For example, the Supervisor Review process enforces proper charting for medical and billing purposes. The Peer Review process emphasizes constructive comments and professional growth among responders, and the QA Review process allows for a third tier of review with the option of escalation to the Medical Director.


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