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Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify your medical billing and coding process and improve your collections by partnering with Intermedix, the leading provider of revenue cycle management services. Our solutions enable you to get paid faster and without the hassles of managing your own billing, coding and claim submission operations.

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Financial and Operational Optimization

We enable your organization to optimize revenue with streamlined operations to increase collections and improve profitability. Refunds, reconciliations and accounts receivable oversight conducted by our expert staff keep your organization running smoothly. 


Strong Compliance Programs and Security Audits

Intermedix places compliance at the heart of all operations. Our HIPAA compliant billing platform and coding processes have enabled us to develop strategies that secure patient information with best-in-class technology.

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Fully-Managed Billing and Coding

Intuitive software and expert support make the medical billing and coding process easier than ever. We handle everything from data capture to active follow-ups and collections monitoring – ensuring timely processing and payments without errors. 


Powerful, Informative Analytics

Our solutions are smart by default. Advanced reporting tools provide you deep insight into your operations. Whether you’re interested in analyzing predictive payor mix analytics, financial benchmarking reports or accounts receivable data, our products and services provide you with the metrics to make informed decisions.

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Intermedix delivers technology-enabled professional services to health care providers, government agencies and business enterprises. We support approximately 15,000 health care providers with practice and revenue cycle management services and connect the world's population with crisis management and emergency preparedness and response technologies.

Need to talk? For customers seeking product and solution support, please contact technical support. For patients seeking assistance with billing and payment related inquiries, please contact patient support

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