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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Intermedix?

Intermedix is a technology and analytics company that supports your health care provider in managing effective operations and obtaining payment for the services they provide.

Why are you sending me a bill?

We have attempted to obtain payment from insurance where applicable, and are sending you a bill for any remaining patient responsibility for the services you received. This bill is separate from your hospital bill if you were seen at a facility.

Can I pay online?

Many of our clients choose to use online payment. If your health care provider has enabled this option, you will find the website on your bill. If you do not see this option, please call us at the appropriate number above, and we will accommodate the payment option most convenient for you. 

Can I contact you via email?

For your security, we do not provide you the option to contact us via email. Please call us the the appropriate number above, and we will accomodate the payment option most convenient for you.