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Webinar: Implementation of Protocol-Based Charting

Capture and complete thorough, protocol-based patient incident reports almost 90 percent faster than current ePCR processes.


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There are thousands of potential data points necessary in patient documentation for EMS providers. How is your agency ensuring you capture them all?

Watch a detailed, best practices session on the implementation of Protocol-Based Charting on TripTix ePCR. We will cover everything you need to know about this feature from setup and configuration to usage in the field. This webinar will cover:


The Challenges of NEMSIS Compliant Documentation

Documentation requirements for emergency transports that combine assessment, procedure and medication documentation have created a time consuming administrative burden on EMS agencies. However, it is possible to get this time back through improving the efficiency of your documentation process.


Essential Lists to Use in Protocol Based Charting

Implementation of protocol-based charting allows for personalization based on the needs of the agency and the community it serves. Let us reveal what lists are necessary to utilize this charting to appropriately document everything that goes into routine and unique calls.


Next Steps to Implement Protocol Based Charting

Aligning your agency around protocol-based charting involves the collaboration of administrative preparation, provider education and technology integration. Using our successes collaborating with our clients, we'll walk you through the process.

Meet the Presenter


Ryan Mach
Director, EMS Technology

Ryan is responsible for the planning and development of solutions that advance the strategic direction and operational performance of Intermedix's EMS product offerings. Ryan is an emergency preparedness expert, with a focus on healthcare planning, response and recovery. He has more than 14 years of experience in critical and pre-hospital care settings as well the not-for-profit preparedness space. Prior to joining Intermedix, Ryan served as the Emergency Medical Task Force Coordinator for the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council.