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Three Strategic Approaches for Independent Physicians to Maintain a Healthy Revenue Cycle

With Tactical Methods to Improve Medical Billing and Coding

As an independent physician, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of practice operations and management, pushing aside tasks associated with maintaining a healthy revenue cycle. However, maintaining a healthy revenue cycle isn’t only important for the success of hospital systems: it is also essential for independent practices as well.

Priorities for Hospital Leaders

Understanding How Healthcare Megatrends Impact Your Organization

The US healthcare industry stands at a tipping point. During these uncertain times, hospital leaders must take it upon themselves to adjust to ongoing regulatory reform, shifting payment responsibilities and impending physician shortages. Read this report to stay abreast of the latest industry megatrends affecting hospitals' strategic direction.

Priorities for Physicians

Understanding How Healthcare Megatrends Impact Your Medical Practice

The future of healthcare is at a critical tipping point as political and economic forces have placed alarm over the future of patient care in the United States. Thriving in this new healthcare economy requires providers to understand megatrends driving patient satisfaction, provider reimbursement and delivery of care. In this whitepaper, readers will gain insight into megatrends impacting the business and practice of medicine.

Claims Data, the Source of Innovative Analytics for Hospitals

Utilizing claims data for deep revenue cycle analytics can help providers increase efficiency in their organization.

What if healthcare providers could improve the revenue cycle for their organizations without increasing costs? To help healthcare organizations ensure patients receive the best care, the whitepaper will cover how to best access data flow and implement analytics processes to address problems before they occur and streamline the revenue cycle.


Surviving and Thriving in Today's Value-Based Care Enviornment

Independent physicians want to maintain the benefits of independence, such as financial upside and management autonomy, but recent changes are making independence increasingly difficult to sustain. Our complimentary whitepaper gives an overview of the major challenges today’s independent physicians face and the three practice models they are considering to overcome these challenges. The paper is intended to guide you in making informed decisions as an independent practitioner.

Billing Strategies to Improve Patient Payment Collections

Why Healthcare Consumerism Is Changing Modern Payment Methodology

Rising costs, increased patient responsibility and expanding healthcare consumerism within the ambulatory care industry have left many independent practices facing stagnant or shrinking revenue. In this whitepaper, readers will gain insight into the revenue cycle management shift in the last decade from commercial payer reimbursement to direct patient collections as well as strategies for providers to improve their billing processes.

Optimizing Practice Operations

Understanding Challenges Surrounding Variability in Patient Demand, Provider Performance and Revenue

In today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, operating a physician practice can be challenging. Many practices face difficulties effectively and efficiently managing operations, oftentimes due to overlooked inefficiencies based on a lack of in-place solutions. Understanding patient demand and provider performance using data-driven methods gives insight into practice revenue.

How to Mitigate the Growing Pains of Integrated Physician Networks

Explore the challenges associated with the creation and management of integrated physician networks 

The resulting rapid aquisition of physician groups has created a significant challenge for administrators who strive to engage their growing physician networks, while at the same time, mitigate the cost of employment and and maximize revenue from professional services. Learn what it takes to develop an integrated multi-specialty physician network capable of serving as the cornerstone of your organization's transformation in today's healthcare environment.

Healthcare Financial Report: Four External Pressures Threatening Growth

Anticipate Current Issues Posing Significant Financial Threat to Hospitals Around the Country

Hospitals face a unique challenge adapting to the uncertainties of today’s evolving healthcare environment. Finding ways to overcome these external pressures may challenge conventional wisdom and will ultimately require hospitals to take a hard look at their current processes. In this report, readers will gain the insight to better anticipate the impact of these issues in their organizations and thrive by proactively addressing each individually.


Leveraging Granular Data to Take the Guesswork out of ED Coverage Planning

This complimentary whitepaper examines the difficulties of planning schedules and resources in the constantly changing and uncertain setting of an emergency room. Additionally, the paper looks at how Intermedix can help you leverage data more effectively using TOPS, a software tool that takes the guesswork out of coverage planning to improve financial operations and patient safety in your ED.